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Whether the prospect of moving to a foreign country sounds wonderful or frightening to you, it can surely become one of the most memorable times in your life if it is handled with care.

When we were first asked to move to England, we were tremendously excited and enthusiastic. Then as questions continued to surface, our whole family felt as though we were on an emotional roller coaster. Our college age children were concerned about how the distance would affect our accessibility and where we would celebrate family holidays. Our youngest son, who would be moving with us, was concerned about how the impact of finishing eleventh and twelfth grades in a foreign school would affect his college plans.

Your families will most likely go through various phases and challenges as well, but by learning as much as possible about your move and the issues that will impact your family up front; the negative effects can be limited.

People who travel and live overseas usually become more flexible, knowledgeable, adaptable and tolerant. International experiences provide new perspectives and benefits that you cannot even imagine now. Hold onto that thought as you go through the early stages of investigating your new assignment and your new country.

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