Carbon Netural and Moving


Furniture removal could be viewed as a highly environmentally damaging area of business; the sector itself is propelled by fossil fuels and the relocation of homes and businesses from one place to the next.

Local moves can be a lot closer to interstate removals in terms of pollution created, more than anyone would dare to first think. An interstate move at night with little but a clear road to negotiate, compared to a local move through the CBD of Sydney, Brisbane or any other of the major cities in Australia could surprise many with the closeness of both sets of emissions created by the respective journeys.

In this belated age of environmental consciousness, with PR friendly taglines such as ‘think globally, act locally’ but with a lack of direct, frontline action, it can seem like the war is being lost. For every Governmental department who finally decide to change their light bulbs, or for each new council beginning to offer improved recycling capabilities; there is a country refusing to follow the Kyoto protocol or a multinational corporation acting with about as much environmentally unfriendliness as -in-humanly possible. 

This is something that Citymove has been determined to tackle and indeed, have taken a lead in within the industry. We have been working with the Carbon Reduction Institute and have been registered as a carbon neutral business for two years, offsetting our operations and our customers’ relocations.

The Carbon Reduction Institute has been running for ten years and is the result of a partnership between the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. 

Before a company can be registered carbon neutral by the institute, several procedures must be undertaken. Firstly, a stringent audit is carried out by the institute in order to determine just how large the carbon footprint is of the company. After this is completed, the auditors sit down with the company and suggest ways in which the carbon output can be reduced. What Citymove did with this information was draw up a detailed plan of action in order to implement some of these suggestions. This is not required and some companies do not take this step.

What some companies do is accept the final option available and cut out the effort that should be involved; buying carbon credits and offsetting their emissions.

Carbon offsetting is the process in which companies can essentially trade their emissions with clean energy producers, creating the carbon neutral equilibrium.  The Carbon Reduction Institute uses the Karnataka Renewable Energy Project to offset its members' carbon. The project is based in New Zealand and through the burning of agricultural waste –such as rice husks-, energy is created while reducing methane production and displacing fossil fuel dependency. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by over 30,000 tonnes of CO2 each year by this project alone.  Since 2007, the project has been registered with the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism.

This connection to such a groundbreaking initiative is something we at Citymove are proud of, but it is something we refuse to let become our crutch. We are constantly attempting and testing new schemes and mechanisms in order to reduce our own carbon footprint at source; the fewer carbon credits we have to buy, the better in the long run for all.

Our interest and desire to improve our environmental impact is something our customers recognise and appreciate. They also appreciate that through us, their unavoidable actions (namely, moving house) do not have to cost the Earth.

Karina Findley, Citymove interstate removal manager says: “Customers realise it takes a long drive in a polluting truck in order to move their home from Perth to Sydney. With Citymove, they like the fact that with our NoCO2 certification, they can move safe in the knowledge that the damage caused by this is being offset in the Karnataka project”.

And you know what they say about customers, they are always right.


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