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Carton hire has become the preferred method of assisting in the most fundamental aspect of any relocation –moving the individual items of your home from A to B. Previously there were two options: purchase removal boxes (an expensive and -ecologically speaking- unsound measure) or visit shops and supermarkets in the hope that spare boxes were available.

The latter option was popular, but as the green movement  gathered momentum over the last  15 years, many large corporations started to keep log of their recycling levels; in fact, this ‘waste recovery’ has become a commodity in itself, with companies now able to trade and offset their environmental impact and recycling capabilities with others.

This tightening up in one sector of globalisation in turn led to a vacuum in another. This vacuum created a niche that the carton hire concept filled.  There are different models of operation for the sector, but the basic premise is simple; the client hires the cartons, pays a nominal fee and gets the use of the cartons for the duration of the moving process.

The environmental benefits of carton hiring can be lost though through poor operating systems of the various companies involved, so it is important to investigate the following: how the company operates, how(and where) they source their boxes,  what measures they take towards recycling unusable cartons and so on.

Companies make their money from carton hire and removals in a variety of ways. Some may levy hefty booking fees; others may charge a daily rate per carton for hire. There can also be delivery and pick up costs added to this and sometimes, buying the cartons can be the cheaper option.

With this in mind, Citymove have for several years now been in partnership with, operating in tandem in order to offer a service unique to Australia.  Clients book the cartons they need online and pay a deposit on the boxes, this deposit is returned to the client after the boxes have been used and returned. Delivery to customers is free on Tuesdays and the only necessary charge is a small pickup fee. Customers have use of the cartons for up to 28 days.

Free Removal Cartons also sell all other packaging materials needed, making it the perfect time saving one stop shop for people eager to remove stress from their move, save money and save any unnecessary damage to the environment.  

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