Insurance and Moving

As moving house is always a stressful period in anyone’s life, it makes sense to eradicate as much of the stress as possible. One way often overlooked is insurance.

It is understandable that as moving can be financially draining; people wish to make savings wherever possible. Insurance therefore is often one service that people deem surplus to requirements, this should not be the case in the slightest.

Irrespective of the company hired to move your home and irrespective of the best intentions of all concerned; removals is a high risk environment and is an activity more open than most to accidents.
After all, you are picking up, packing, moving, driving, moving and unpacking literally hundreds –possibly even thousands- of your treasured possessions. The scope and probability of an unfortunate incident is huge.

With this in mind, it starts to become incomprehensible that many people ignore the insurance option when given to them by the removal company. The mental attitude to anything on top of what you want is immediately no. Think about it, when you order fast food, more often than not you ask for the burger and get annoyed with the inevitable follow up question of “would you like that as a meal?”.

This is a natural reaction, at the end of the day if you had wanted the meal you would have said so! But this psychological knee jerk reaction is undeserved when we speak of insurance. Insurance should be viewed as much of a necessity when moving as packing tape or a truck. Insurance means you can rest easy, knowing that for a nominal fee you are covered for the entirety of your homes contents. Very worthwhile when you consider the average family can have thousands of dollars worth of electrical goods EACH.

With this in mind, Citymove –on top of offering a competitive insurance package- operate a ‘we break it, we fix it’ guarantee. Items (such as TV’s etc) can be nominated for a special preventative wrapping service from the Citymove removalists, this will not only protect the items (bubble wrap and foam are used) but will include them in the guarantee.

The guarantee is simple. If, after the care our removal teams take and through the special wrapping items break, we will take them away for immediate repair, free of charge.

This service provides customers with a helpful third option. Sometimes the insurance cost can be too prohibitive, this ‘middle way’ means the essential items can be protected for a fraction of the price.

And when the price not only buys you guarantees on your items, but peace of mind during the move, it suddenly gets a lot harder to turn down.

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