Making a Change to Your Environment

 Making a change to your environment

When it’s time to move house everyone is looking for effective ways to cut costs and make the experience less disruptive. One practical approach and an affordable alternative to paying removalist, is to pack your own belongings. A number of companies now rent moving cartons and supply tape and butchers paper too, eliminating time wasted searching local supermarkets for suitable boxes and shopping for tape, wrapping materials, labels and markers.

Recycling principals continue to gain in popularity with those who consider the environmental impact of their actions and choose the more sustainable rental option. The state’s largest and most innovative carton rental specialist now offer ‘Pre-Green’ packing consumables that have had their low carbon emissions 100% offset. Products categorised as Pre-Green are only available from ‘Carbon Neutral’ companies. Boxsmart Carton Rental is the first company from the removals and storage industries to be certified as carbon neutral by the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI).

“Organisations certified as carbon neutral”, explains John Eustace of Boxsmart, “have accounted for, reduced and neutralised our total operational emissions, as well as the emissions embodied in the products that we sell and use.”

Boxsmart operates a free delivery services throughout Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and NSW Central Coast, have recently been enhanced to include an added choice of both morning and afternoon deliveries in many areas.

‘ValuePacks’ preconfigured for any sized property contain recycled cartons and Pre Green packing materials to make preparations for your move even easier (and greener too)! The services’ extended hire period allows customers to pack and unpack at their own pace, making coping with renovation disruptions, moving home or relocating a business far less stressful. Boxsmart even offer a range of back saving carton lifting and carrying aids and by far the largest choice of specialised packing cartons!

John Eustace from Boxsmart Carton Rentals explains that, Inexpensive, hassle free packing should be as easy as ordering a take-away! The aim is to make securing a practical packing solution as easy as ordering take-away by providing a hassle free responsive service for families and companies alike. People really appreciate the fact that they can depend on prompt and free* delivery and can deal direct with an independent packing supplies specialist that is not a ‘commercial hook’ for a furniture removals or self-storage operation.”

“Life’s too short!” concludes Eustace, “to waste valuable time and energy sourcing unsuitable boxes and wrapping materials and afterwards trying to dispose of all the boxes. Once unpacked and settled our clients simply call our operators and their hired boxes are collected, recycled or reused by the next cost conscious and environmentally responsible person who thinks BOX$MART.”


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