The Moving Checklist


Moving home has been classified as one of the most stressful experiences we will endure in life; therefore it is important to get it right.  Here is a checklist to help you in your relocation experience.


While individuals of any personality can manage moving abroad or interstate, you might find you have an easier transition if work at the following :


o        be adventuresome

o        admit when you are wrong

o        laugh at yourself

o        welcome new experiences

o        be prepared to make new friends

o        adapt to a different standard of living

o        try to adjust to new situations more readily

o        when complications arise, be courteous and polite


As soon as you know of the move:


  • discuss move with your children and family  trying to alleviate all fears
  • allow all family members to have some input in the move
  • advise landlord of your moving and the exit date in the time according to your contract
  • contact Real Estate agent to organise sale or rental of your current accommodation
  • contact relocation companies to discuss their service.  They can take away much of your checklist
  • organise boat transport
  • organise car transport
  • discuss what you will do with your pet
  • organise pet boarding and transport
  • organise boarding your pets a couple of days before moving until the family has settled into your new home.
  • contact Real Estate Agents to organise temporary and/ or permanent accommodation
  • learn about your new environment
  • find maps of your new location
  • contact and organise new schools
  • organise travel arrangements
  • organise all international documentation for authorities
  • organise removalists
  • check that all removalist companies you will be using along the route are insured and follow all regulations for both countries.
  • organise packing supplies
  • consider keeping ties to Australia such as property to make in easier in the future to return if the circumstances arise.
  • look for new jobs if required
  • Take note of contact addresses of your neighbours and friends 


Two or three weeks prior:


  • have a clean up.  If you have not used it for 12 months, you probably don’t need it. This saves time and expense to clear it out now
  • organise sale or disposal of items not transferring with you
  • call a local charity to collect the items you are giving away
  • set up your networking process to keep in contact will all who know you
  • organise mail to be forwarded
  • organise cancellation and set up of utilities
  • pack a travel bag of activities if travelling with children
  • organise a cleaner to clean up after moving from your old home
  • organise to have your new home cleaned prior to moving in
  • organise electrical adaptors for your new country
  • pack a medical kit and bag for transit
  • organise new and  transfer old insurances
  • if your pet is going to new home now is the time to do it
  • involve all the family in these final preparations
  • visit local friends before leaving the area
  • organise a babysitter for young children on moving day
  • collect packaging boxes and supplies
  • change the electoral roll

 One or two weeks prior:


  • follow up all details with the Removalists
  • Have children of all ages pack a bag of essential, favorite, "can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t live without" things to keep with them at all times.
  • check house cleaner will arrive on time to clean your old house
  • check house cleaner will arrive on time to clean your new house before moving in
  • start packing your boxes
  • label all boxes with name of room they are to go to in your new house and its contents
  • clean out your fridge and cupboards of out of date items leading up to the move
  • put heavy items in small boxes.  Heavy boxes cause injury and risk ripping.
  • pack your pot plants
  • pack your garden furniture and shed items

One to two days prior:


  • check with the Real Estate agent when the keys will be available to collect to your new house.
  • have carpet cleaned or as soon as entry is possible
  • have house cleaned or as soon as entry is possible
  • drop off pets at boarding place for a few days or organise a pet taxi to do it
  • organise food and refreshments for your helper

Moving day in your old house:


  • drop off young children at babysitters
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