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 Making a change to your environment When it’s time to move house everyone is looking for effective ways to cut costs and make the experience less disruptive. One practical approach and an affordable alternative to paying removalist, is to pack your own belongings. A number of companies ...more
BEFORE YOU MOVE REMEMBER TO · Arrange for disconnection at your current address and re connection at your new address of telephone, electricity, gas etc. · Return any borrowed/hired items (library books, dvds etc).
THE MOVING CHECKLIST Moving home has been classified as one of the most stressful experiences we will endure in life; therefore it is important to get it right; Here is a checklist to help you in your relocation experience.   While individuals of any personality can manage moving abr ...more
Whether the prospect of moving to a foreign country sounds wonderful or frightening to you, it can surely become one of the most memorable times in your life if it is handled with care. When we were first asked to move to England, we were tremendously excited and enthusias ...more
Moving to a new community can be an exciting but sometimes difficult event for a child and a family, depending on the circumstances For example, different issues are raised if the move is due to a parent's promotion rather than divorce, death, or change of family income. Similarly, a child's abi ...more
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