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BEFORE YOU MOVE REMEMBER TO · Arrange for disconnection at your current address and re connection at your new address of telephone, electricity, gas etc. · Return any borrowed/hired items (library books, dvds etc).
THE MOVING CHECKLIST Moving home has been classified as one of the most stressful experiences we will endure in life; therefore it is important to get it right; Here is a checklist to help you in your relocation experience.   While individuals of any personality can manage moving abr ...more
10 Most Forgotten Items... If you are planning a move, even the most organised person will probably not be able to remember every detail of the move — or every item. Kyle Bay Removals suggests adding these 10 points to the top of your preparation list:    1. Obtain your free ...more
As moving house is always a stressful period in anyone’s life, it makes sense to eradicate as much of the stress as possible. One way often overlooked is insurance. It is understandable that as moving can be financially draining; people wish to make savings whereve ...more
When moving home, the hardest thing to do is keep track of everything that’s going on and making sure all runs as smoothly as possible. People often forget the simplest things that could make their relocation a lot easier. Making a checklist is one of those things. ...more
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