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June 25th, 2012

Moving is a huge task.  Often times it comes with another life changing even just like starting a new job, or perhaps a change in the marital status. But with a few tips, moving will not be a pressure packed undertaking after all especially with the help of a professional mover.
Being Prepared
It is best to get your thoughts together before planning to move. In this way, you can make sure that everything you need is covered.
1.    First, find out if you want to do everything yourself or hire a mover. There are some situations where hiring a mover is a great thing. For instance:
a.    You are a lot of heavy things
b.    You are traveling a long distance
c.    You are not physically capable of doing everything on your own
d.    There is no one to help you with the move
2.    Before the move, it is important to give notice to the utility companies, or any important parties about your change of address.
3.    Research about the utilities present in your new address such as the power, telephone, internet service, water, television and more.  It is also a great idea to find out the floor plan of the new place so that you will get an idea of which items to bring or where to position the furniture.  It is also best to mark out all the electrical outlets in your plan.
4.    Store or throw away unneeded items.  In this way, you will not be loading junks or items you don’t really need.
5.    Before the moving day, it is best to empty the refrigerator.  As for the leftovers, you can either decide to bring them with you or give them to your neighbors.
6.    Unplug the refrigerator and defrost them the day before the move.
Here are some tips when you plan to do it all by yourself:
1.    Pack items in one root at a time.  Begin with rooms that are not frequently used just like the guest bedrooms.  For heavy items just like tools, kitchen items and books, it is best to make use of smaller boxes so that it won’t be too strenuous to carry them. When the contents are breakable or must stay upright, make sure to mark the box “fragile” with the “upright direction”.
2.    Keep account of all the packed boxes. Once you’ve reached about ¾ packed, then it is time to rent a truck for the move out.
3.    When moving furniture, use blue painter’s masking tape to close the armoire doors and dresser drawers as it will less likely ruin its finish.
4.    Carefully load the items to the truck.  As much as possible, position the boxes and items vertically to save space.
5.    Position the tall items to the sides.  As most of the moving trucks have bars, it would be easy to tie ropes to keep them secured.
6.    Label boxes with “First Out”, which are the items that needs to be unloaded first and the “regular” boxes.
7.    Important documents should not be included in the moving truck.
Here are some things to consider when hiring a mover:
1.    If you decide to hire a mover, there are sites that can help you connect to various moving service companies all over Australia.  Make sure that the company is licensed, bonded and insured. Always choose a company that has an excellent customer service.
2.    Get the rates or quotations for their services. It is best to be aware of any circumstances that may lead to extra charges such as overweight or mileage.
3.    Packing options will affect the price.  So, decide if you want to pack certain items yourself, or you want them to pack these for you, but with an extra charge.  So get a free estimate for all the services that you want and need.
4.    Make sure that there is a contract.  It should include the overall costs, packing service, pickup and delivery dates as well as the mileage.  It should also have policies regarding insurance, payment and also the guaranteed services.
So whenever you want to make sure that your move is problem free, you have to plan ahead.  If you plan to hire a removalist, make sure that the company you get will match your budget and also give the service that you need.

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