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Helpful Tips When You Are Moving

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

In your lifetime, maybe you will be able to experience a move from one place to another.  One thing is for sure when this time will finally come to you; and that is the stress that a move will bring.
There is much to do when moving.  You need to think about a lot of things and you need to consider your budget as well.  Let’s face it, a move is not only tiring, but you also need to spend some cash for it to be successful.  Here are a few tips for when you move.
1.    Plan ahead.  Yes, you need to get your plans all smoothed out as early as many months ahead of your actual move.  This is so that you will be able to consider everything that you need for your move.  Because a move is a long process, you can prepare for this process well before you move. Some of the things you need to plan for are:
a.    The things you need to take with you
b.    How many boxes you need
c.    If you need help to move
2.    Don’t bring the things you don’t need.  Of course, when you finally take a good look at the things that you own before your move, you will see that there are those that you no longer need.  Of course, you don’t want to bring these things with you to your new home.  Maybe you want to sell these things if they are in good condition.  It will help you earn money for the move too.  If not, then you can donate them to places where they can still be put to good use.
3.    Bring just the right amount of things.  In moving, you have to make sure that you will be able to carry the boxes that you pack.  You don’t want to over-fill your boxes such that it will be hard for you to carry or move them around.  Do your back a favour and pack only what you are able carry.
4.    Be careful of your fragile items.  These fragile items should be packed appropriately.  It would be better if you wrap them in bubble wrap or plain paper and then put them gently in the box.  They are more expensive than newspaper; but at least it will save you from the newspaper print transferring on your delicate china.
5.    Learn to disassemble.  There is big furniture such as your computer table that you need to disassemble for the move.  Perhaps you also need to disassemble tables and chairs as well so that it will be easier for you to move them.
6.    Pay attention to your appliances.  When you move your fridge, make sure that you empty it and drain it of water and ice so that you will be able to transport it safely.
7.    Remember to ask for help.  Of course, a move cannot be done by a single person.  It is a process that will need as many hands as possible.  You could enlist the help of family and friends, or if you have the budget, hire a removalist to help you with your move.
8.    Labelling helps.  When you put your things into boxes for packing, it would greatly help you label them so that when you’ve moved, it will be easier for you to unpack them.  Also, it will help you easily see where the boxes belong and how you should handle them during the move as well.
9.    Remember the little things.  Remember that you need to disassemble some of your furniture?  Then don’t forget to take care of the nuts and bolts.  Without them, you can’t assemble your furniture again.  Keep them safely in envelopes or plastic bag and don’t forget to label them as well.
10.    Keep safety as a priority.  Always remember to take care of those sharp edges to avoid injury in you and others.

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