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Guide to Office Moving Made Easy

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Sometimes, companies also need an office change.  Perhaps this could be moving to a next block, or moving across the state, the process is still the same.  However, a change in the office may be something good.  It gives employees a chance to move change the scenery and get a new work space as well.  Or perhaps the company will be able to get a new and bigger space due to the move.
An office move is something that needs a lot of planning.  Because of the move is not done right, then it could impact of the company negatively and affect the employees and the work as well.  Of course, as the owner of a company, you would like, as much as possible, not to disrupt the work in the office right?
Therefore, it would be wiser to plan the move as early as possible in an office move.
There are a lot of things that are needed in an office move.  Experts recommend that the plan for the move should be done as early as 9-18 months prior to the actual move.  Of course, there should be a person assigned in the office to oversee this move.  This person is in charge of planning and preparing for the move.  Of course, this person will also deal with the lease for the buildings as well as the relocation.
Another reason why moves should be planned as early as possible is so that the company will be able to consider all the options and the competition as well.
Of course, choosing the right movers will also be a long and difficult process.  Of course, in big moves such as these, there will be different companies who will be vying to be the ones to help in the move.  The person in charge of the move in the company should also be able to choose among the many office movers available in the area.
A company move may sound like something very big.  However, this is not always the case.  The move can actually be broken down into simple tasks that can be done.  These simple tasks should be done prior to the move so that later on, the bigger tasks will be taken cared of more easily.
There are various Office Relocation Checklists available online.  Or perhaps you can consult with a professional moving company if they have their own checklist.  This checklist will help you make the move easier and faster as well.
There are choices for you in moving.  Perhaps you think that not employing a moving company will help you alleviate the costs for the move.  Maybe you think that using your own employees will be a lot cheaper because they already work for you.  This should not be done because your employees may give you a cheaper advantage; they are not really equipped for the job.
Think about it: your employees are not professional movers.  They don’t know how to handle the move and how to handle the things at the office for the move as well.  Just think that not everybody is capable of moving the IT equipment.
Hiring a professional office moving company should be best because these people are trained to move sensitive equipment.  They can also install lighting fixtures and even help you renovate the new office space.
Another great thing about hiring professionals is that they know things about moving that you don’t always know about.
To sum it all up, in office relocation, there are important things that you need to consider and those are to plan early, make sure that you understand what is needed in relocation, and of course, get the help of professionals in moving.

Different Types of Moving Boxes

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Moving boxes are the number one moving supplies that you are going to need.  This will help protect your possessions while it is in transit.
When purchasing a box, you actually have an option to have the slight used which is may cost a little less or the brand new that may cost a bit more.  But this is a great investment when you want to make sure that your items are stored properly.
There are even some boxes that are available for rent. Mostly these are made from plastic.  This may be a bit more expensive, as you compare a plastic with a cardboard since plastic is more durable and reusable.  This is an added charge to the overall services, since you will be paying for the rent for the plastic boxes at the same time the service for delivering your items.
Types Of Moving Boxes:
A.    1.5 Cubic Foot Moving Box (16 x 12 ½ x 12 ½)
•    This box is best used to carry item that are up to 60lbs.  But is better to have the weight around 50 lbs to be safe.
•    Kitchen items, small appliances, lamps and shades are usually placed n this box.
•    It is also good for storing books, but keep in mind to keep the weight around 50 lbs.

B.    3.0 Cubic Foot Moving Box (18 x 18 x 16)
•    This can carry items with weight up to 65 lbs.
•    This ideally for clothes, pots and pans, and electronics such as computers and radios.

C.    4.5 Cubic Foot Moving Box (18 x 18 x 24)
•    This can carry a weight up to 65 lbs.
•    Best to use for items such as larger lamps, kitchen appliances which are larger, and linens.

D.    6.0 Cubic Foot Moving Boxes (22 x 22 x 21 ½)
•    This can carry items with weight up to 70 lbs.
•    But always keep in mind to never overload the box.
•    This is ideally for pillows, toys, large blankets, cushions for chairs and couches.

E.    6.1 Cubic Foot Moving Box (24 x 18 x 24)
•    This is an alternative for 6.0 Cubic Foot Moving box, any item that won’t fit properly to that box may be placed here.
•    This is rectangular in shape and works good for comforters, blankets and cushions.

F.    Wardrobe Boxes
•    This may range from small to large and each box has a metal bar ideally for hanging clothes.
•    Most of the time it is better to have the clothes hang that to be packed flat such as, ball gowns and other dresses.
•    Some may use this for chandeliers or some wind chimes since it is better to be hanging that flat.

G.    Lay Down Wardrobe Box (32 x 19 ⅞ x 9)
•    This looks a lot like dresser drawer.
•    This can be used if you would like your clothes to be only folded once.
•    But still keep in mind never to pack heavy as the box may not endure the weight.

H.    Picture/Mirror Boxes
•    Keep in mind to secure them together and ensure that it can handle the weight.
•    It is highly recommended to use a bubble wrap for the items.

I.    Dish Packs
•    This is made for packing glasses, cups, and wine bottles.
•    Always check the weight to make sure it is still manageable.

J.    Mattress Boxes
•    Sometimes this is no longer necessary if the movers would choose to wrap their mattress with mattress covers which are made of plastic.
•    However, having this box may prevent your mattress from being punctured or damaged during the move.

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