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Things You Need to Think About in a Moving Rental

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Moving is never an easy task.  It entails a lot of work from moving out of your old house to moving into your new home.  Adding to the stress are the new environment and the fact that friends and other loved ones are miles away.  To make a move easier, you could consider getting a moving rental company or truck to help you with your move.
First, here are a few things you need to do before the move:
•    Find the destination of your move.
•    Plan the details of the move early on.
•    Consider if you need to hire a moving rental company or not.
Planning the move early will help lower your stress about the move as the day for the actual move approaches.  Hopefully, by that time, you will be ready to ease into your new home smoothly without forgetting anything that you need from your old home.
When moving, always think about how you can decrease the amount of money that you spend.  Moving is actually an expensive venture.  You will need to pay for the new home and the things that you need for packing.  There will surely be a lot boxes and paper that you need for proper packing.
Because you want to lessen the amount that you spend, you would want to keep your old furniture so that you won’t need to buy new ones.  Of course, there are also the things that are irreplaceable such as objects that have sentimental value to you.  Examples of these are picture frames and trophies. Remember to pack these well to avoid damaging them.
Here are a few tips for packing:
•    When packing, there are different box sizes available.  In small boxes, you can put small items such as kitchen utensils.  Remember to protect yourself and other from the sharp items.
•    Pack the bigger and heavier items at the bottom of the boxes and the lighter ones on the top.
•    Consider the weight of the boxes and limit them to a weight that you will be able to carry.  Remember that when you move in, you will be left with unpacking them by yourself.  You don’t want to carry boxes that are heavier than you are able to carry.
•    When packing fragile items, cover them with paper or bubble wrap to protect them from being broken during the move.
•    Use a lot of cushions in between these fragile items as well.  You can use your towels, or sheets as cushions, as well as shredded paper.
•    Pack all those things first that you don’t always use.  The last things you pack are those that you regularly use.
•    Remember to label all your boxes so that it will be easier for you to identify what they are and where they need to go in your new home.
There are different options in hiring moving rental trucks.  You can hire the trucks on the day of the move or you can hire them a day before the move.  This way, you can slowly fill up the truck during the day, as opposed to rushing and shoving your boxes and other things in the truck because you are in a hurry.
You also have the option to hire an on demand storage unit.  These units get to spend more time in your home so that you can slowly fill them up with the things that you packed.  When you are finally done with packing and filling up the truck, then you can call the moving company to come and pick up the truck and deliver it to your new home.
There are many options to help make your move easier.  All you have to do is just to choose among the options available.  It all depends on your personal preference.

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