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Brisbane Removalists provides a list of reliable Brisbane removalists who serve clients relocate from Brisbane to Sydney, Brisbane to Melbourne, Sydney to Brisbane, and Melbourne to Sydney. Whether you are looking for Brisbane furniture removalists or general Brisbane removalists who will move any items you have to offer, our Relocating listings will help you out.


The capital of Queensland, Brisbane is the third most populated city in Australia. The pleasant weather conditions are conducive for planning daily activities without stress. This also means that the beaches will probably be filled with people basking under the sun for days on end.


Brisbane Climate


Month Dec Mar Jun Sep
Mean daily max oC 28 28 21 24
Mean daily min oC 20 17 11 12
Rain days 15 6 11 5
Hours of sunshine 8.5 9 5.5 9


When you buy a home in Brisbane


Brisbane is known for its lovely traditional Queenslander-style friends. Due to the growth of Queensland, newer homes are constantly being built. Usually, contractors are given covenants so that the investors will be protected from poor building standards and quality as well.




People prefer travelling in private vehicles and personal cars though the city has a well-developed system of public transport system. There is a rail infrastructure that helps commuters travel easily across the state. Because of this rail infrastructure, you can get from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and with little difficulty as well. There are also buses in the city and you can actually go from one end of the coast to the other or even around the city.


If you prefer taxis, then there are also available taxis for you.


There are also ferries in the Brisbane River that you can use either for sightseeing or just to go from one port to another - without even worrying about the parking.




The schools in Brisbane are among those from Australias highest rated universities and included here are the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University.


TAFE colleges are also available and the following are the top three: the Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, the Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE, and the Southbank Institute of TAFE.


The Queensland education system says that Primary school for students starts from year 1 through to 7; which is not the same as the other states in Australia. Of course, Secondary school is from 8 through 12. There are also private schools that offer Prep to year 12 and will also have a Junior, Middle and Senior school.




The census for 2006 stated that the there were 1,763, 131 residents in the state. That is why Brisbane is considered as the third largest city in Australia. About 21.7% of the population in Brisbane consists of people who were born overseas. From those who were born overseas, the top three most common are from New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.


Health Care


There are a number of good private hospitals in Brisbane. Within the greater Brisbane area there are 8 major public hospitals, 4 major private hospitals, and smaller public and private facilities.


The quality and level of care given by the services is second to none. It may have been the waiting period that created the frustration.




There are almost 300 days of sunshine in Queensland every year and this means that you have a lot of opportunity to explore the city. Enjoy the scenery by visiting the beaches or other places. The World Expo 88 is currently an enormous parkland environment.


There are many activities to be done there such as going for a swim, seeing a show, and visiting a restaurant among others.


However, you should know that Queensland is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Also, it is a quick drive to the Gold or Sunshine Coasts from Brisbane.


As with other parts of Australia, the most popular sports are cricket, AFL and Rugby.


If you are a fan of the Brisbane Broncos National Rugby League (NRL), then you can visit the Suncorp Stadium. Fans love to visit this place.


The Business environment


The South East Queensland actually has a lot of major shopping malls. It is located in the greater Central Business District.


There are different trading hours from different centres - here is a guide to trading hours of a major grocery group.


Monday 8am-9pm


Tuesday 8am-9pm


Wednesday 8am-9pm


Thursday 8am-9pm


Friday 8am-9pm


Saturday 8am-5pm


Sunday 9am-6pm


Brisbane workforce


Because of the different races in Brisbane, the workforce is actually highly diverse. This means that investors have a broad range of skilled employees to choose from.


The strong growth in population and the economic growth are two of the things that have contributed to the states high rate of job creation.


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