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Darwin CBD

Darwin is situated at the northern coastline specifically the Timor Sea, and is the capital city of Australia's Northern Territory. It is the largest city in the Northern Territory and is also considered to have the largest population. It comprises of approximately 127, 500 people living in it. However, it is the smallest city among the Northern Territories, and it has the least population among all the Australia's capitals.

Darwin had been practically rebuilt twice. First rebuilt resulted from World War II when the Japanese made their air raids, and the next was the result of devastation made by Cyclone Tracy in the year 1974. Darwin is considered to be the most modern capital of Australia.


Palmerston Town Hall after Cyclone Tracy



Month                                      Jan                  April                  July                   Oct

Max Temp                                35.6                36.7                   31.2                   33.0

Min Temp                                 20.6                16.0                   20.8                     23.3

Rainfall Total mm                    426.6               101.1                  1.2                   71.0

Rain Days                                21.3                 9.3                    0.5                   6.7


Darwin experiences two seasons: the dry and the wet. Dry season happens in May to September, wherein each day is a warm, sunny day with a humid afternoon. There may be no rainfall from the months of June to September. During June and July, the lowest temperature may drop down to 15 degrees Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Wet season is during December up to April.

This season is accompanied by monsoon rains and tropical cyclones. With approximately 30 years apart from each other, there were three major cyclones that occurred in Darwin. Rain does not come every day, but cloudy skies can be expected often that is usually followed by rain. Thunderstorms are also common. November is the hottest month, right before the wet season begins. Darwin is the one that is most lighted by daylight, compared to other Australian capitals. The average daily sunshine is 8.4 hours. Darwin is one of the lightning prone areas in the whole world.



The major modes of public transportation in Darwin are the buses. They are available 7 days in a week, and one usually comes 30 minutes after the other during the weekdays, but less frequent during weekends. The buses are air-conditioned and well-maintained to provide comfort and convenience to passengers.

By far, there have been no road speed limits on the majority of the roads in the Northern Territory.

The primary airport in Darwin is the Darwin International Airport which serves the Northern Territory. It is situated 13 kilometres northeast away from the CBD or Darwin. The runways are shared also by the Royal Australian Air Force's Base Darwin.



Charles Darwin University covers both vocational and academic courses, acting as both a university and an Institute of TAFE. While it has a number of campuses across the Northern Territory, its primary campus, is located in the Darwin suburb of Casuarina.

There are government and private pre-schools, primary and secondary schools spread throughout Darwin.


Darwin has the biggest population proportion of Indigenous Australian among the capital cities of Australia. A high percentage of the immigrants are from the South East Asia with the additional mixture of various racial and cultural groups such as Vietnamese, Papuans, Filipinos, Timorese, Northern Europeans, Italians and Greeks; and also Irish, Welmsh, Scottish and English descents.

There are many private hospitals in Darwin and the main public one is the Royal Darwin. There are also a number of private clinics, specialist rooms, and doctors.





The most common religious view in Darwin is Christianity that accounts for about 50 percent of the total population of the city.  The largest religious group is Roman Catholic, while there are also Anglicans, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and Jews. There are 23.3 percent of the population who profess no religion.

Buying a Home

Although Darwin is growing in a fast pace, houses remain to be available in affordable prices compared to the other cities in Australia. Apartments are also available close to the CBD and the suburbs.



There are both government schools and private schools in Darwin that offer primary and secondary education. The Charles Darwin University offers academic and vocational courses for college. It acts as a university and also as an Institute of TAFE. The Northern Territory has a number of campuses, and the primary campus is found at the suburb of Casuarina in Darwin.

Law and Government

The City Darwin is governed by the Darwin City Council, which covers the CBD and the suburbs. It has been governing the city since the year 1957. The Council is composed of 13 members, the Lord Mayor and the 12 alderman. The current mayor is Katrina Fong Lim.

The remaining areas of Darwin are divided into two local government systems. One is designated as City, and the other one as an outer fringe, that has the name Shire.

The Government House which is the official residence of the Administrator of Northern Territory is situated on Esplanade. It is also where the Supreme Court is located, close to the Darwin City Council Chambers. The police force is members of the Northern Territory Police Force. The CitySafe Unit watches over Mitchell Street, which has many pubs, clubs, and other entertainment spots. The Unit has been credited for reducing the number of violence and crimes in Darwin and its surrounding areas. Darwin has a record of substance abuse and violent crime incidents last 2009.

Business Enviroment

Darwin became the most modernized and multi-cultural cities on Australia. It is proximal to Asia which serves as an advantage as to being a gateway to several countries like Indonesia, East Timor, and others.


The Economy


East Arm Wharf


The largest economic contributors in Darwin are tourism and mining.  The mining and energy industry goes over $2.5 billion per year. The most abundant minerals are gold, bauxite, zinc, manganese, and many others. The production of energy is off shore with natural gas and oil from the Timor Sea. There are 8% of the residents of Darwin who are employed because of tourism, and this number is expected to grow because the numbers of both domestic and international tourists are increasing during the two seasons. Another significant number of employments come from the military. A remarkable economic source is also due to the existence of apartment housings, large conventions, and exhibition centres in Darwin.

Darwin serves as a substantial port for the live export of cattle, gas, and minerals.


Arafura Games is a major regional sporting activity that is held in Darwin every 2 years. All year round there are many football and rugby games in Darwin.  This city also hosts the V8 Supercars which attracts a great number of locals and international tourists.  This activity happens during midyear period which lasts for 3 days. Darwin also offers horse racing cup carnival which begins in June's last week, and goes all the way to August. Darwin also draws a big crowd during the Darwin Cup, in which the day of the event is considered to be a public holiday for the Northern Territory.

The famous sports in Darwin depend on the season. Fishing is the most popular recreational activities of the people living in Darwin. There are many visitors from different parts of the world who come over to fish and catch a big prize.

Darwin has a number of clean and unpolluted beaches that everybody will love. Some of the beaches to mention are: Casuarina Beach, Mindil Beach.

Entertainment and Arts


Yellow waters Billabong

Entertainment and Arts

Darwin and its people take pride in the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, held two times per week during the dry season. It is the best example of the city's multiculturalism. July 1 is the celebration of Territory day, especially for the Territorians.  This is one of the only two days in a year when the use of fireworks are allowed.  Usually the main celebrations of Darwin are held in Mindil Beach where pyrotechnical displays are shown and are commissioned by the city's government.

Another famous event is the Darwin's festival which is held every year. It showcases music, theatre, dance, comedy, film, and the visual arts. There are also other festivals which show Darwin's creativeness, talents, and multicultural aspects to the locals and the tourists.

The history of the city is best featured in the Museum of the Northern Territory located in the city itself.  It offers a good overview of the city's history, and also includes exhibits on the tragical Cyclone Tracy; and also the boats of Pacific Islands.

What to Do

There are many various things there to be enjoyed in Darwin such as going to museums, parks, gardens, monuments, beaches and markets.



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