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·      Leave the things that you frequently use as the last things that you pack.
·      Keep them in your shelves until the day that you will no longer use them.
·      When using boxes, make sure not to overload them; keep them at 50 lbs or less so that it   will be easier for you to carry them around when you move.
·      You may not always have many boxes available, but you can get them in stores as brand new boxes or maybe you could hire or purchase used boxes.
·      Just make sure that the material of the box is strong and will be able to keep moisture out of the things that you put inside the boxes.
·      It would be better for you to use a good quality box material so that you can store your things inside for a longer time.
·      Make sure that the boxes you use will be taped at the bottom and will also be able to close at the top.
·      Make sure that when you pack your things inside the boxes, it is firm and will not bulge outward or inward. It should be just right.


Different Options in Boxes
There are different sizes of boxes available when you go and purchase them.  There are small boxes, medium and large ones.
·      For small boxes, it would be good if you put the heavy objects inside such as books and utensils.
·      For the medium type of boxes, you can put toys, small appliances and other similar objects. For the larger boxes, you can put lightweight items that are also bulky such as fans, quilts and the like.
·      For bigger boxes, they are made for bigger appliances such as televisions or air conditioners.

Make sure that when you move, these boxes can be stacked on top of each other and that the things inside are well cushioned and well placed as well.   Just make sure that you cushion them very well when packing them to avoid getting them damaged or scratched.


Preventing Damages
Speaking of damages and scratches, there are also covers for furniture available.  These covers will help protect the furniture from dust and scratches as well.  Just make sure to load them slowly and gently into the moving truck or vehicle.

There are other tips to note when packing delicate items such as breakables.
1.     These should be wrapped individually with paper.
2.     You can use old newspapers to do this.
3.     Before putting them into the boxes, make sure to cushion them with more crushed or shredded paper at the bottom and in between them as well.
4.     When you put the items in the boxes, make sure to put in the heavier items first at the bottom, followed by the lighter items at the top.
5.     Use cushions as well in between these items.
6.     You can use the crushed paper or you could use lightweight blankets and towels that you already have.
7.     You can put small boxes into a large box but make sure that you use cushions in between these boxes especially if the boxes contain fragile items inside.
8.     When you are finally done with packing everything, make sure to label all the boxes.
9.     Write your name in each and you may even keep an inventory of the things inside.

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