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It is vital to think about the safety and stress of your pets whilst moving including the preparing leading up to the day. Pets sense the change and stress while boxes are being packed and their environment is changing. On moving day it can be difficult to keep the pets in the backyard with the gates opening and closing or them trying and jump around and play whilst everyone is loading boxes to the car or truck.
Pet boarding and pet transport companies are a way of having a piece of mind knowing your little friend is looked after whilst you move or are in temporary accommodation.
Wait a couple of days after settling into your new home before collecting your pet. This way they will be more inclined to accept its new habitat if they can see familiar furniture or possessions set up. Allow them to explore the new environment on a short leash or close to you by enabling them to identify new scents & boundaries. Particularly for cat owners it is highly recommended that you keep your cat inside for two weeks. Even if your cat is an outdoor cat, as frustrating as it will be for them, they need to gather their sense of direction and security in the new home.
There is a large variety of pet boarding options available from basic to luxurious; staying with friends to caring strangers for short and long term boarding. Ask friends and family if they have any recommendations – it may ease your mind if you know about the pet minding establishment.
Wherever you place your pet, it is recommended that you check out the facility before making a decision and ask lots of questions. You should receive an answer to your satisfaction if you are to use their boarding place. Compare costs, care, services and facilities between boarding homes..
There are other services available where your pet stays with a family with or without other pets, including living inside the house with the family.
Another option is find a pet/house sitter, or an agency that will find one for you. Your pet will miss you but at least they will still be at home in their own environment.
There are a large range of dog boarding kennels, that will ensure you dog has space to run around in the sunshine, and is well feed and groomed. There are specifications that you will first have to fulfill such as up to date vaccinations.
Some kennels will allow dogs to have a run together, whilst others will keep them separate at all times. Check as to what size area your dog will be staying in and how often, if at all, do they leave to have a run outside that area. Many encourage you to bring their favourite toys and feeding bowls.
Some kennels will have veterinary services also available whilst you are away. Doggie daycare facilities offer more luxury treatments including TV and play rooms.
Checklist you need to carry out or ask:
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" Are the facilities suitable for all seasons?
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" Is there a large run area?
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" Do the dogs appear happy?
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" Do the attendants appear to be dog lovers?
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" What happens if my dog gets sick or injured?
Catteries offer spacious runs (not cages) in a well ventilated building where cats can enjoy their own space and solid walls between runs minimizing stress. Luxury catteries include play and TV rooms with furnished pens.
Some catteries will also provides a pickup and delivery service. You will be encouraged to bring their favourite toys and feeding bowls.
Checklist you need to carry out or ask:
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" Are the facilities suitable for all seasons?
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" Is the accommodation indoors or outside?
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" replenishing toilet paper, soap and paper towels .
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" What do they provide in the accommodation?
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" What are the meals?
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" Do the cats appear happy?
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" Do the attendants appear to be cat lovers?
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" What happens if my cat gets sick or injured?
\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"img\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\" How many cats are accommodated and any one time?
Some catteries also have the facilities to accommodate rabbits and guinea pigs. There are also rabbit and guinea pig breeders that will accommodate your pets.
See information under catteries above.

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