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Whether the prospect of moving to a foreign country sounds wonderful or frightening to you, it can surely become one of the most memorable times in your life if it is handled with care.

You will most likely go through various phases and challenges in your moving preparation but by learning as much as possible about your move and the issues that will impact your and your family up front; the negative effects can be limited.



 People who travel and live overseas usually become more flexible, knowledgeable, adaptable and tolerant. International experiences provide new perspectives and benefits that you cannot even imagine now. Hold onto that thought as you go through the early stages of investigating your new assignment and your new country.

Relocation companies aim to provide all assistance and advice from the start of the thought process to the finish when you are safely settled into your new home in another country.  They can do it all or assist where requested.  International Relocators are able to manage the whole relocation process.  They are able to:

 - organise all freight forwarding such as  air freight, shipping, logistics management, trucking, rail freight, specialised transportation and customs clearance

- organise pet transportation and quarantine

- organise and advise of all necessary documentation, such as Certificate of Registration, Export Forms, Visa, Residence and Work Permits, Medical and Immunisation Certificates, International Driving Permits

- advice of the laws and regulations in your new country

- give information and games to help you and your children handle the relocation experience

- organise removalists

- organise temporary storage of furniture and belongings

- organise travel arrangements

- organise temporary accommodation

- organise car hire

- organise transportation of motor vehicles and boats

- contact Real Estate agents

- advise of local schools in your new area

- organise counseling if required

- arrange a checklist of things you must attend to before, during and after your move.

Preparation and information are the key ingredients in planning any move. Learning about your new country will eliminate some surprises and disappointments. For instance, consider the weather and climate. Although this may seem like an insignificant issue, if a country has extreme temperatures, it will impact your decisions about what to pack and what to store. You could be moving a lot of heavy clothing that is totally useless, and precious family heirlooms that can be damaged due to weather variables.

It is important that you understand the following points about the prospective country:

-customs, manners and culture issues

-importation laws

-medical care and insurance coverage

-safety factors

-immigration regulations

-currency exchange

-education/language instruction

-driving laws

-financial reimbursement and tax considerations

-housing options

The hardest part about relocating to a new country usually comes after what is commonly referred to as “the honeymoon” phase! After the early weeks have passed and one realizes how difficult it is to accomplish necessary chores such as making a telephone call, driving, cooking and shopping in a totally foreign environment, homesickness may descend quickly. That is why it is so important to do your homework before you move. Gained knowledge won’t eliminate culture shock but it can greatly reduce its impact. 


If you are using crates or containers for your belongings, you can choose to pack your own goods in your own way and then unpack yourself at your final destination.  You save on the costs of a packing crew. The price is assessed by the number of crates and how far they are travelling.  The weather-resistant crates are dropped off in front of your home with the packing equipment you need and once you have completed packing, the company will pick it up and deliver to your new destination where you will unpack the crates.


If you have decided to do the move yourself without packer/removal assistance, here are some tips to remember:

-organise removalists and packing supplies

-check that all removalist companies you will be using along the route are insured and follow all regulations for both countries

-organise travel arrangements

-organise all international documentation for authorities

-organise sale or rental of your current accommodation

-organise motor vehicle and marine transportation

-arrange for a sale or disposal of items not transferring with you

-set up your networking process to keep in contact will all who know you

-organise mail to be forwarded

-find maps of your new location

-organise cancellation and set up of utilities

-pack a travel bag of activities if travelling with children

-arrange for a cleaner to clean up after moving from your old home and arrange for your new home to be cleaned prior to moving in

-organise electrical adaptors for your new country

-pack a medical kit and bag for transit

-organise transfer insurances

-arrange transport for your pet or a home if your pet can not come with you


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