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Do you have problems with storage?  Is your home or office jam-packed with a lot of items?  The solution for you is a self storage facility.  This is a great solution for people who lack space in their office or in their home.  This is also a great option for people who are transferring overseas, moving into a new house or renting a place.

 This self storage facility can be used to store items like:

·      furniture

·      papers

·      office supplies

·      sporting equipment

·      household goods

·      boat

·      cars

·      wine

·      surplus items

·      bulk storage

·      distributor’s good

Most of the self storage companies even offer a truck or trailer to make the move easier.  And this service truck is free of charge.  But of course, you can hire a professional removalist from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and more to help you with the move the items to the storage facility.

Self Storage facility can be accessed in major cities in Australia such as:

·      Adelaide

·      Brisbane

·      Melbourne

·      Sydney

·      Perth

·      Darwin

·      And loads more


To make sure that the items are covered, it is best to get an insurance policy for these items. So in case anything happens to the items stored in the storage facility, you will not suffer a big loss.

However major storage companies include security system and caretakers to make sure that the stored items are safe. Their system includes:


  • Video surveillance
  • Electronic gates
  • 24-hour duty guard
  • Temperature and climate controlled storage units
  • Well-lit and clean storage units
  • Units with various sizes

A lot of the storage space facilities in Adelaide, Sydney, Darwin, Perth, Melbourne and other cities offer other solutions just like:

§  Storage containers

§  Self storage facility

§  Storage containers



Here Are Some Tips On The Proper Way To Store And Prepare Your Items:

  • When storing books and clothing, make sure to add naphthalene to prolong their storage life
  • Place large and less used items at the back of the storeroom whereas smaller items should be positioned at the front
  • Avoid wrapping items in plastics since this will promote humidity and then would result to moulds
  • Store heavier items at the bottom area
  • Boxes marked with fragile should not have anything placed on top of it
  • Boxes should be uniform in size for easier stacking and they should be of good quality to handle the weight
  • When storing frames, it is best to use boxes with integrated foam inserts
  • For breakables, make use of bubble wraps for added protection
  • For appliances like freezers and refrigerators, make sure that they are clean and dry for storage with a deodorizer inside them for added freshness.
  • Keeping the door slightly open will also provide good ventilation
  • Cooking equipment and stoves has to be thoroughly cleaned
  • Gardening items and other tools needs to be cleaned for storing them
  • Equipments that are battery operated like toys and flashlights needs to have their batteries removed for safe storage as batteries tend to leak and may cause damage
  • Store books in small carton flatly and not on their spines
  • Gadgets just like TV, stereos and computers have to be packed using their original boxes when possible. If not, then good quality boxes with bubble wrap will do. Just make sure to add wraps to fill in the gaps
  • Crockery, plates and other china items needs to be wrapped in white paper individually. Whereas, all the gaps within them needs to be filled with crumpled paper and placed in boxes labeled with fragile
  • It is best to dissemble bed and bed frames for easier storage
  • Drawer units and wardrobes should be emptied
  • Rugs, carpets and other upholstery needs to be vacuumed and cleaned before storage
  • Empty any machinery from oil and fuel to avoid leakage.  This is a fire hazard.



What not to store in a storage facility

Here are the material that should not be placed in a storage space facility:

1.    Hazardous materials

2.    Combustible materials

a.    Acid

b.    Gasoline

c.     Poison

d.    Charcoal

e.    Lighter fluid

f.      Fertilizer

g.    Paint

h.    Batteries

i.      Matches

j.      Nail polish and remover

k.     Ammunition

l.      Liquid bleach

m.  Aerosols

n.    Kerosene

o.    Pool chemicals

p.    Fireworks

q.    Motor oil

r.      Loaded weapons

s.    Ammonia

t.      Cleaning fluid

u.    Propane tanks

v.     Chemistry sets

w.   Weed killer

x.     Paint thinner

y.     Pesticides

With the help of the, moving and storing items has never been easier. With the network of companies and different services available all over Australia, everything is all within reach.

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